Tax Free Week 2019

When Is the Next Maryland Tax Free Weekend?

Maryland has actually set aside seven days as Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week. This year's back-to-school sales tax holiday goes from Sunday, August 11, through Saturday, August 17.

Maryland's tax free week starts August 11 and ends August 17.

There's also a Shop Maryland Energy tax free weekend in February, which exempts appliances that meet or exceed federal Energy Star requirements.

What Items Qualify for Maryland Tax Free Shopping?

During the August sales tax holiday, consumers won't pay state sales tax on the following items:

Not sure what will qualify? Examples of exempt items include sweaters, slacks, robes, underwear, shoes, and boots.

What Items Aren't Eligible for Maryland Tax Free Status?

If you're hoping to save on a new umbrella or handbag during Maryland's tax free week, you're out of luck. Backpacks are the only accessories that won't be taxable. Special clothes and shoes designed for protective use — think football pads and life jackets — aren't eligible, either.

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